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First Responders shaking hands

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of first responders and their loved ones through advocacy, support, and resource provision. By raising awareness and providing access to tools and services that promote their physical, emotional, and mental health, we strive to improve their quality of life and show gratitude for their selfless service to our communities.


We aim to enhance the lives of first responders and their families by providing support and resources that raise awareness and improve their quality of life.

Police vest surrounded by first responders
Firefighters showing their muscle


Improving the lives of first responders by:

  • Supporting first responders' physical and mental health, work environments, and communities by supporting existing resources and programs.

  • Mobilizing and engaging the community in supporting first responders by raising awareness of the challenges they face, and facilitating opportunities for first responders to interact with community members.

  • Honoring those we’ve lost

  • Raising funds for first responders and their families in hardship

  • Providing value and education to first responders so they feel supported

Tabletop at a fundraising event for first responders.

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